1. Mr. Universe
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Mr. Universe

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released July 1, 2020
Michael S. Ryan - Vocals, guitars, piano, synth
Bruce Gillis - Drums

Written, Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Michael S. Ryan
Mastered by J. LaPointe @ Archive Mastering
Drums Recorded @ Lakewind Sound Studios and Engineered by Mike "Sheppy" Shepherd
Artwork by Kristen Herrington Art


Sure enough it comes again, even though you tried to
Tell yourself everything you fear is in your mind

Catch a bus to Central Park, see what you can find
See all the things John Lennon did in a different time

Read every book, tried sitting down shutting off your head
Ran 10k to fix your mind but hurt your knee instead

Tell me what to do or even where I need to go
I’d trek through the Andes, fight Ivan Drago


Two doors down from me Mr. Universe is raking leaves
He keeps his garden neat and he got some tricks up his old sleeve
I wanna ask him what it was like in 1955
When he was by name, the greatest man alive
I wanna ask him what it was like when he was 23
When he was the man we all wish we could be

Tell me where we’re going to, I’ll tell you where I’ve been
I’ll do the best i can to make amends with all my sins

Make an oath between your head, your heart and your own guts
That no matter where things go it will be enough