The Town Heroes

For the past 12 years, I've also played with my band The Town Heroes. We've released 5 albums, toured across Canada, to the U.S., Finland, Austria, Germany, England and Scotland. Take a look at what myself and Bruce Gillis have created over the years



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The Town Heroes

The songs are filled with beautiful guitars, great ringing notes over big pulsing washes or strong chords. It's a post-New Wave sound, energetic, melodic and very urgent, each song filled with drama and the feeling there's something important being passed on. Topping all this is the passionate voice of Ryan, often at the top end of his register. He ups the ante on songs such as Only One, as he grows more intense as the song progresses, matched by the sharp guitar lines and Gillis' increased punch. It's crazy-danceable, hypnotic and haunting all at the same time, even euphoric in places.” - Bob Mersereau

— The Top 100 Canadian Singles