1. Truth
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released March 1, 2020

Michael S. Ryan - Vocals, guitars, keys, bass
Jay Halliwell - Percussion

Written, Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Michael S. Ryan
Mastered by J. LaPointe @ Archive Mastering
Drums Recorded by Jay Halliwell
Artwork by Kristen Herrington Art


I made it home a week ago
The town don’t look like much I know
Streets are busy, drive-throughs too
Amazing what “the Links” can do

This summer I said I’d have to learn
to finger-pick and edit words
Telling the truth is also high
on the list I shall abide by

I’d like to be a better friend
A better brother son and then
Maybe I can tell myself
That everything is working out

I don’t wanna let you down

Knees are getting sorer and
A few extra pounds don’t help a man
I used to own this court all summer
I guess getting older makes you wonder

If anything you did this far
Means anything to who you are
If I had the answers to
The questions I’m fighting through

I swear to god I’d grow like a fire
Burning free out in the wild

I won’t ever let you down