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Make Truce With a Dragon

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released February 1, 2020
Released Feb 1, 2020
Michael S. Ryan - Vocals, guitars, keys, piano, bass
Bruce Gillis - Drums

Written, Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Michael S. Ryan
Mastered by J. LaPointe @ Archive Mastering
Drums Recorded @ Lakewind Sound Studios and Engineered by Mike "Sheppy" Shepherd
Artwork by Kristen Herrington Art


Do you get the feeling you’ve been dying half the night?
Burning in your stomach like a fire you can’t fight
Write an affirmation, get you better get you good.

Make truce with a dragon if it helped you if it would

Don’t let go
Hold me close

Town is bursting at the seams with Yankee money at the core
Ocean front and sense of home you can’t afford it anymore
Do you get the feeling that it’s different in July?
Is it getting older or a change you can’t deny?

Don't let go
Hold me close