1. Lightning
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released April 1, 2020
Michael S. Ryan - Vocals, Piano, guitars, synth, weird noises, bass
Bruce Gillis - Drums

Written, Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Michael S. Ryan
Mastered by J. LaPointe @ Archive Mastering
Drums Recorded @ Lakewind Sound Studios and Engineered by Mike "Sheppy" Shepherd
Artwork by Kristen Herrington Art


I got a gut filled with nothing but a heart the opposite way
I’m gonna wander through the city try to make it through the day
Marathon body and a face you’re addicted to
Cruel old world all the things that it puts you through

You’re heartsick, lovesick, just sick too
You’re gonna read a Russian novel hope it tells you what to do
Stare at pretty girls as you keep on wondering why
‘cause no one expects lightning from a cloudless sky

I’d fight a thousand wolves, sell my limbs to a bad man
Put a fire out with the skin on my good hand
Just for a piece of your heart
It’s the truth I ain’t lying and it’s just the start

I’d put my shoulder into a train
I’d give the same bad man good parts of my brain
I’d run on water ‘cause walking on top ain’t good enough for you, I swear it’s not

Don’t let this go so easy
I know that you still need me

Short skirts, drunk kids, you used to be one of ‘em
Smile on your face and the thought that you always win
Good things happen to good people, son
Don’t worry about nothing you’re the chosen one

Sign a record deal, champagne, it’s a good thing
Gonna push it hard see maybe if you make it big
Looks good on paper but the back of your mind
Is stuck on the girl that you lost this time