1. Empire
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Track Credits:
Michael S. Ryan - Guitars, vocals, piano
Blanche Israel - Cello
Bruce Gillis Drums

Written, Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Michael S. Ryan
Mastered by J. LaPointe @ Archive Mastering
Artwork by Kristen Herrington Art


I would not go if you told me that ghosts were coming for us

I would wait here and I’d tell them to go or I’ll turn them to dust

I would not leave if you told me that demons were coming right now

I would stand here with my fists and my heart and I’d tell them, “Back down!”

Everything I do is for you, always was and always true
We’re building an Empire where we get to rule, no one to tell us what we get to do

I’m not so brave but I am when it’s for you, I hope that’s enough

When we get old we’ll look back at our scars and we’ll say “we were tough!”